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Game Idea A Week: Casual Genre Summary

This page shows the games that are considered to be casual.

A casual game about a monkey who likes hats: make him sway back and forth to collect hats and then make sure they don't tip and fall off his head as he journeys forward.

The Hat Monkey

A game based on the book "He's just not that into you". It teaches you quick reflexes so that you'll learn how to tell if a guy is wasting your time or not.

He's Just Not That Into You if he's not asking you out, not calling you, only seeing you when he's drunk, or disappeared

Connect to a random friend whose identity has been concealed and ask each other questions in order to guess who the other person is first.

Who are you connected to?

Control a little Weazel attached to a ball and try to pick up as many power ups as you can, while avoiding other Weazels and negative objects. This game has a simple mechanic, but is an interesting game for adults.

A Weazel with his ball

Train your reflexes by relying on a microphone during a series of mini-games, including quick spotting, memory, snap and more.

Brain running quickly

A killer computer is trying to connect itself up to bombs. You must stop it by connecting it up to flowers instead, in this puzzle game of circuit diagrams.

Possible screenshot of Killer Computer

Jump through city streets to escape the evil clutches of Bridezilla.

Bridezilla rampages through the city

Fight in World War I against a quick enemy, settle in to wait, but stay prepared for their next unpredictable attack.

World War I Helmet and card

Use your touch screen to draw star formations for the grasshopper to perform.

Grasshopper practicing underneath stars

A simple Flash game where you are a Crazy Cat Lady. You must throw cats at pesky neighbourhood children who keep popping up and lure more cats for ammo by putting food in bowls.

Crazy Cat Lady throwing a cat

Help Santa deliver presents to the "nice" children and avoid the "naughty" children in this puzzle game.

Santa with a sack of presents

Find out what clothes suit your body, learn the rules and apply them in mini games that will make you become a confident dresser. I implemented a downloadable mini-game from this idea called, Fashion Police.

Fashion Police

Control many hot air balloons over the city skies in different weather. The idea is inspired by a poem called 2009: A Year of Hot Air Balloons.

Golden Balloon

Match snowflakes based on shape and then based on colour. This game has been implemented using XNA, check out the demo page to download, play it, and see source code.