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Game Idea A Week: Adventure Genre Summary

This page shows the games that have an adventure game elment.

An adaptation of the classic adventure game, Leisure Suit Larry. Help Larissa Laffer find a husband who meets her childhood checklist, before her biological clock stops ticking. I won the Game Career Guide Gender-Swap Design Challenge with this game, see the official results.

Leisure Suit Larissa

A humorous adventure game about an evil vet, Lucifer Disastrous, aka Lucie, who wants to continue in her family's evil traditions, but keeps doing good instead. A demo game has been released, see Vet Lucie Disastrous home page.

Lucie Disastrous

A comedic mystery where you wake up with no memory of last night. There's a strange dog on the bed, a tree in the living room, half a tattoo and a note to meet "Mr Right" with no address. Piece together what happened to find Mr Right before it's too late.

A mysterious tree in the living room

Trapped in a clinic and forced to dream other people's dreams. The idea is inspired by the start of a short story called Eternal Dream, with further details here.

In bed dreaming