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Game Idea A Week: Gardens of Versailles

Week Nine (01/12/2009)

The Idea for this week is a game where you explore the great castles and gardens of the world. Played as a platformer, the settings and backgrounds will allow the player to visit these beautiful places in 3D.

Girl floating through Versailles




3D Platformer

Why it needs to be made:

Castles and gardens of the world are very beautiful and this game will allow players to visit them without leaving home.


The story will relate to trying to stop someone from destroying the castles and palaces. The player will travel throughout the world to some of the great buildings: Versailles, Taj Mahal, Whitehouse, Buckingham Palace, Imperial Palace in Kyoto and so on. At each location players begin in the gardens and end up inside the castle/palace. Players will gather crowns in a Platformer-style manner and will have to navigate through and around hedge mazes, lakes, secret gardens, secret passageways in the castles. For example, players will be able to interact with the fountains to turn them on and reveal more crowns. Players will also be able to dress up their character based on the historical outfits that would have been worn in the castles.

Why it will be a compelling game:

The scenery will be a strong point of the game, so that people will want to keep playing so they can see the next location or find out what is inside the secret garden.

Other thoughts:

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