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Game Idea A Week Project: My Favourites

This page has my personal top ten favourite game ideas that emerged from my year-long idea a week project (in no order).

A humorous adventure game about an evil vet, Lucifer Disastrous, aka Lucie, who wants to continue in her family's evil traditions, but keeps doing good instead. A demo game has been released, see Vet Lucie Disastrous home page

Lucie Disastrous

A comedic mystery where you wake up with no memory of last night. There's a strange dog on the bed, a tree in the living room, half a tattoo and a note to meet "Mr Right" with no address. Piece together what happened to find Mr Right before it's too late.

A mysterious tree in the living room

An adaptation of the classic adventure game, Leisure Suit Larry. Help Larissa Laffer find a husband who meets her childhood checklist, before her biological clock stops ticking. I won the Game Career Guide Gender-Swap Design Challenge with this game, see the official results.

Leisure Suit Larissa

Test your taste, smell, touch, sight and trivia knowledge of ingredients and cooking terms. Then participate in cook-offs to make a meal based on the cards selected. Choose the length of the board game and of dinner by deciding which courses to include.

Part of the board game for Dinner

A simple Flash game where you are a Crazy Cat Lady. You must throw cats at pesky neighbourhood children who keep popping up and lure more cats for ammo by putting food in bowls.

Crazy Cat Lady throwing a cat

You are the Grim Reaper. You must mark people to die based on historical statistics from Medieval Europe. Hunt down your prey as they run from you. Fight off angels who try to stop you, and thwart all the doctors' attempts to save the innocents.

The grim reaper

Start as a lion cub in a pride, learn to hunt with the other lions. Fight to protect your pride from intruders, or to take down a lion who is doing better than you. Work your way to the top to become the Alpha Lion.

Lion sitting down

You are a ruler of the world. Compete against other rulers to build the Legacy that you will be remembered by. Will it be banks to hold your treasure, monuments to your greatness, or parades so the populace can shout out your name. Also check out the non-digital games page to download a print 'n' play version of this game.

Cards from Legacy game

Find out what clothes suit your body, learn the rules and apply them in mini games that will make you become a confident dresser. I implemented a downloadable mini-game from this idea called, Fashion Police.

Fashion Police

Evil Edgar is a game designer who has created 7 games from 7 genres to capture the souls of innocent players. You must explore the game worlds to find and free the 7 people trapped inside his 7 games.

Which way to turn?