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Vet Lucie Disastrous Home Page

Lucifer Disastrous, aka Lucie, is an evil vet trying to live up to the expectations of her infamous father, Dr Dr Disastrous. Unfortunately, most of Lucie's actions end end up as good deeds. Join Lucie in this classic point-and-click adventure game as she explores the sides of good and evil in the small town of Darklight.

A demo of the game has been created using the Adventure Game Studio engine. Unfortunately, Adventure Game Studio only works on Windows, so the demo is only suitable for Windows. I created the original concept (see idea 31 of my idea a week project), designed the game, created all the art and implemented/coded it. Saul Alexander wrote all the dialog for the characters and did additional game design.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about the game. Vet Lucie Disastrous will be released in three acts episodically. First full episode coming soon. Until then, please download the demo and play it (Download the Windows executable ( Note that the game works best when in a window, not in full-screen mode. Please follow the directions in the README file to play the game optimally.

Screenshots from the game

In the beginning

Starting screenshot

The game starts with darkness and a knock on the door.

Meeting your Dad

Meeting your Dad

Very soon you're talking to your Dad, Dr Dr Disastrous. He's set up an evil vet clinic for you in the little town of Darklight.

Friendly cats

Friendly cat

If you're ever stuck and unsure what to do next, simply talk to one of your cats that follow you around. They'll point you in the right direction in stages so you can work out the full solution yourself.

Exploring other rooms

Exploring other rooms

As the demo progresses you can explore other rooms. The cats are never far behind with their hints. You can always find them at the top of your screen, along with your handy vet bag to store all the items you pick up.

Looking at objects

Looking at objects in the world

You can look at many of the objects in the world and get a better idea of who the characters are and their stories.

Finding food in the kitchen

Finding food in the kitchen

When you find the kitchen you'll meet the Disastrous Family's chef, Coldheart. He's cooked up some food for you and will show you that not everyone is evil in the town of Darklight.

Download the Windows executable (