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Game Idea A Week: Crazy Cat Lady

Week Eighteen (03/02/2010)

The idea for this week is a simple Flash game where you play as a Crazy Cat Lady. You must throw cats at pesky neighbourhood children and lure more cats for ammo by putting food in bowls.

Crazy Cat Lady




Flash game

Why it needs to be made:

Crazy cat ladies have become a common term. This humourous game makes fun of the situation in a light-hearted and endearing way.


The player must control the cat lady on the screen with their mouse. To get more cat ammunition, the player clicks on an empty bowl to put food in it. A cat will then wander up to the bowl and start eating. The player can then click on the cat to pick up the cat by its tail. Next, the player clicks on a child moving about the right hand side of the screen. The cat is then launched at the spot the player clicked on. If the player correctly clicked on a child, and not the ground, the child will be squashed and will disappear.

The children will come in waves so that the player has time to fill all the bowls before the next wave appears. As the game progresses, the waiting time between waves is shorter, and the children move about more quickly (making them harder to accurately aim at).

Sound effects will let the player know when they have hit a child, or not. If they hit the child, the Crazy Cat Lady will let out a screech of laughter, if the child isn't hit, the child taunts the Crazy Cat Lady. Creating a humorous animation of the cat flying towards the children will be a key component in this game.

Why it will be a compelling game:

The game will have funny animations and howling sounds that will keep the player laughing. The difficulty will increase with less time between waves of children and faster moving children, so they are more difficult to aim at.

Other thoughts:

Here is a possible screenshot showing the Crazy Cat Lady's area in green on the left and the street area where the children run about on the right hand side.

Crazy Cat Lady

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