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Game Idea A Week: Good and Evil Fairytales

Week One (05/10/2009)

Play fairytales from both the "good" or the "evil" side of the coin.

Evil Fairy Good Fairy


Wii. I think that this game is more meant for the family side of things.

Why it needs to be made:

In most games when people compete they are both trying to achieve the same thing. What if they were competing to see the story turn out differently?


This is a series of mini-games, where each mini game relates to a popular fairytale. For each game you can decide whether you want to play the role as the "good" character or the "evil" character. That is, the "good" character is trying to make the fairytale occur as we know the fairytale to happen. The "evil" character is trying to make the fairytale fall apart. For example, in Sleeping Beauty the "evil" character would be growing more thorns around the Beauty so that the Princes can't reach her. In multiplayer mode players could play all on the "good" side, all on "evil" or a mixture.

Why it will be a compelling game:

Being able to play from either side of the coin will make the game more interesting. When playing multiplayer it would be fun to not all be trying to achieve the same thing.

Other thoughts:

Possible mini-games include:

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