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Game Idea A Week: Bridezilla

Week Twenty-Seven (10/04/2010)

In the idea for this week, you are the bridesmaid for a bride who has gone crazy. You must run away from her, for if she catches you, you'll be forced to lick the invite envelopes.





Casual/Platform Game

Why it needs to be made:

Many women play casual games and many women have had exposure to weddings and brides that are under a lot of stress. The idea that the bride "cracks" and goes on a rampage is appealing to women and gives the game a humourous topic.


Play is in the third-person so that the player can see both their avatar and Bridezilla at the same time. Each screen shows a series of platforms that the player must cross to reach the exit point on the other side. The setting is gritty urban: a large city in the maze-like streets and laneways.

Eventually the player will get to a final screen and Bridezilla will be unable to find them, which finishes the game. If the player gets caught along the way, the game will cut to show the player's bridesmaid avatar stuck licking envelopes.

Why it will be a compelling game:

The platform challenges will involve innovative problem-solving. Challenges will build on top of each other so that the player's expertise improves gradually.

Other thoughts:

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