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Game Idea A Week: Reflex Training

Week Twenty-Eight (14/04/2010)

In the idea for this week, you train your reflexes and use the in-built microphone to interact with the mini-games, which include quick spotting, memory, snap and more.

Brain running quickly


Nintendo DSi or iPhone


Casual Game

Why it needs to be made:

There aren't many games that use the microphone capabilities of the DSi and iPhone. This game uses the microphone to test how quickly players can react.


The game is composed of a series of mini-games. In each game the player is encouraged to use the microphone to speak their answer, however players can always touch buttons on the screen. Each mini-game has a number of levels (with increasing difficulty) that the player should complete to become a master at that game.

The mini-games are:

Why it will be a compelling game:

The game will appeal to children since they are simple games children can understand easily and help children learn. Adults may be interested in playing the game to improve their reflexes.

Other thoughts:

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