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Game Idea A Week: Battle for Night Supremacy

Week Seventeen (26/01/2010)

In the game for this week is a clan battle to rule the night world. Vampires, werewolves, humans and magicians battle together until one clan has forced all the others into submission. Join a clan and lead them to supremacy.



PC, XBox, PS3



Why it needs to be made:

Many people are intrigued by vampires, werewolves and magic. Often these creatures are considered in separate games, even though film, TV and books usually depict them in the same mythology. This game will allow people to choose which side to take and have the satisfaction of eliminating the other clans.


Prophets tell of a time to come when only one clan will be left standing in the night. There will be signs and portents. Then all must choose their side: vampires or werewolves or magicians or humans. Fight until all others surrender, so you can claim the Night Supremacy.

The player begins as a young human who is in a stylized version of the early 1900s, just leaving school and trying to work out what to do. They are slowly dragged into the underworld and introduced to each of the clans in turn. This gives the player time to understand what each of the clans can and can't do. During this stage the player is doing simple quests that teach them about the clans.

After the first Act, the player is then required to choose a path to follow: vampire, werewolf, magician or stay as a human. Then the player goes on quests such as infiltrating the stronghold of another clan, finding weapons, improving strength or spell casting, and stealing important artifacts to antagonize another clan. Players engage in small fights against individuals of the other clans. This builds up to massive fights with many clan members. During these massive fights, the player is one of many and although they lead the others, they do not need to give any instructions to the NPCs.

The player will slowly build up to eliminating each of the competing clans. Once one clan is defeated, the player gets bonus powers that they can then use against the other clans. As the player's clan takes over the other clans, the remaining opponents will band together to try and attack the player's stronghold.

Why it will be a compelling game:

The game will have an epic feel, so the player will feel like they are part of something bigger. Although the battles will get bigger, the player will always be able to single-handedly change the direction the battle is going.

Other thoughts:

Gameplay will occur exclusively at night with a full moon and no real sign of days passing will be used in the game. Each of the clans will have their own special strengths and weaknesses.

The game is initially envisaged as a single person RPG. However, there is room to build a separate world/area where many players can compete and cooperate.

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