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Game Idea A Week: Run Away to the Circus

Week Six (10/11/2009)

The Idea for this week is inspired by the flying trapeze classes I'm doing at Circus Oz (see their website for details of their classes). The idea this week is about a series of mini-games all relating to circus acts.



Most suited to Wii, but any platform

Why it needs to be made:

Many people dream of running away to the circus, this helps satisfy that dream. The game also makes mini games be about something a bit different compared to other mini-sports games (e.g. bowling, golf, etc...)


A series of short competitive circus acts that ca be played individually or multiplayer. Activities could include:

Why it will be a compelling game:

Many people have watched circus acts, but few have participated in them. There will be opportunities to compete against friends and family, but also to get your own personal best.

Other thoughts:

This game could work well as a "Mario and Sonic at the Olympics" style game. Players could choose their characters and then compete at the circus acts in a similar way to the individual Olympic events.

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