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Game Idea A Week: Who Are You?

Week Forty-Seven (28/08/2010)

Many computers linked to each other

The idea for this week is a simple game to get to know your friends or work colleagues better. Connect to a random friend whose identity has been concealed and ask each other questions in order to guess who the other person is first.


Facebook, Messenger



Why it needs to be made:

These days people have many "friends" on Facebook and work with people they don't know very well. This game helps you get to know these people better.


The game starts by connecting you via an instant message service to someone you should know: a Facebook friend or a work colleague. The identity of the person you're connected to is hidden. Both of you ask each other "yes/no" questions in order to be the first person to guess who the other is. You're not allowed to reveal your name or the letters in your name until the game is over (either you've been discovered or you've found out who you're typing to).

The game can be played live over an afternoon or evening get to know you event. It can also be played over days or weeks until both identities are revealed.

Why it will be a compelling game:

Players are learning more about people they already know and so will already have a vested interest in the other participants. People generally want to look good in front of their friends and so will be keen to be the first to guess the other's identity. Good players will need to make sure they ask questions that help them reveal the identity of the other person without giving away their own identity.

Other thoughts:

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