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Fashion Police Home Page

Welcome to Fashion Police: The Game. This is a game about correctly identifying outfits as "hot" or "not". It's also a community where you can send in your own outfits and use your opinion to change what's set as "hot" or "not". Try to get a high score by getting as many points as possible (annihilation game) or clearing waves of outfits from the room as quickly as possible (time trial game). Outfits are judged not just on whether the clothes go together, but whether those clothes suit that person's body. So you'll find the same outfit on different people with different results. The emphasis in Fashion Police is on long-term styles, rather than passing trends.

This game was created entirely by me using Lua and the LÖVE 2D engine. LuaSocket was used for the internet connection so that poll and high score data could be uploaded, and so the game can tell the user when a newer version has been released. The images of celebrities are taken from Red Carpet Fashion Awards (although the opinions on the outfits are mine). All other outfits are of me and of my friends who kindly agreed to be part of the game.

Go to the downloads page to download the latest version and start playing it. Do a poll within the game to let your opinion on the outfits be known or go to the online poll and vote. Go to the create your own page to find out how you can use your own photos in the game or send them to me to be part of the next version of the game.

Screenshots from the game

Choosing Gameplay Variables

Starting screenshot

When you start the game, you are able to change which outfits you use in the game how many of them you want to use and whether you want tutorial help.

Tutorial Start Screen

Tutorial Start Screen

If you're new to the game, the tutorial will step you through how to play.

Annihilation Game

Annihilation Game

There are two sorts of game styles: annihilation or time trial. In the annihilation game, shown above, you have to keep clearing outfits from the room until you can't do it anymore and the room fills up with too many people. The aim is to get the maximum number of points (shown in top right corner).

Time Trial Game

Time Trial Game

In the time trial game, you have a time limit in which to clear 5 waves of outfits from the screen. The aim to is complete the waves as quickly as possible.

Single Select

Choosing your verdict for a single outfit

To clear an outfit from the room, you must correctly identify whether the outfit is "hot" or "not". In this screenshot you need to make your decision before the hourglass runs out of sand.

Single Select Verdict

Result from choosing a verdict

Once you have made your decision, you will be shown whether you got the answer right or wrong. In this case the answer of "hot" was right, so the outfit will be cleared from the screen. If you got the answer, wrong, the outfit would remain in the room, and therefore you'll be closer to having a full room.

Group Select - A "Hot" group

Choosing your verdict for multiple outfits - hot group

Once you have got three right in a row, the group select power becomes enabled at the bottom right corner of the screen. Now you can choose multiple outfits at once to put in the "hot" group.

Group Select - A "Not" group

Choosing your verdict for multiple outfits - not group

You can use the group select power to select outfits to go in the "not" group too.

Group Select Verdict

Verdict from choosing your verdict for multiple outfits - hot group

Once you have finished selecting outfits for the group, the verdict on your choices will be shown. If you are correct, all the outfits will be cleared from the room. If you are incorrect, the screen will quickly give you some clues as to what you did wrong, the outfits will not be cleared and you will loose the power to group select. In order to group select again, you'll need to get three single select verdicts right in a row.

Poll and Voting

Choosing your vote

If you don't agree with the opinions on the outfits... never fear. By completing a poll your opinion will be uploaded to the website and will then be used in the next version of the game. This means that the results used in the game will eventually reflect the average opinion people have of the outfit.