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Game Idea A Week: Party Genre Summary

This page shows games that are best played with a group of friends.

A game inspired by Adam Saltsman's talk at Freeplay. It's based on how animals play in the real world. Play with the animals or pretend to be an animal in this Wii game for all the family.

A dog and a cat caught playing

Test your taste, smell, touch, sight and trivia knowledge of ingredients and cooking terms. Then participate in cook-offs to make a meal based on the cards selected. Choose the length of the board game and of dinner by deciding which courses to include.

Part of the board game for Dinner

Play trivia games anywhere anytime, all you need is your mobile phone. Play in teams, free for all, head-to-head or on your own. Choose how long to play for, just a quick round or an epic battle of the minds.

Trivia Time Trial Stopwatch

Work as a team to control the giant's feet, hands, roar, and brain. Then stomp on the little villagers (with Wii Balance board); crush villagers with your bare hands; freeze them with your bloodcurdling roar; and navigate to reach more villagers to squish.

Giant chasing a villager

Make cocktails, mocktails, punches and more by moving the Wiimote to create and add ingredients, then mix them together. Compete against friends or work together in a bar to serve more customers.

Cocktail glass and shaker

A snowboarding game based on finding the steepest, deepest terrain and powder snow.

Snowboard tracks through trees

Dance in a group with complex choreography and make sure you don't step on the other dancers' feet.

Dancing team

Play circus games like the trapeze and acrobatics.

Circus Tent

Fly like a bird using your arms and the Wii Balance board. Fulfill your flying dream by navigating through forests and cities.

Flying using the Wii Balance board

Learn different dance styles. Upload your own dance moves and share with others.

Dance move 1 Evil Fairy