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Game Idea A Week: Dance Troupe

Week Fourteen (07/01/2010)

The Idea for this week is about dancing in formations with choreography. Instead of just getting your steps right, you have to be part of a group and make sure you don't step on the other dancers' feet.

Girls Dancing Together


XBox or PS3



Why it needs to be made:

Dancing is increasing in popularity, thanks to shows such as So You Think You Can Dance. This game gives people the opportunity to see dance choreography and be part of a group to make complex team dances.


Learn to coordinate both dance steps and movements around other dancers. This party game forces you to learn to coordinate your left and right hands. Players must press directions on the D-pad with their left hand and enter button combos with their right hand in time with the music and directions given.

Players can choose the songs they want to dance to and the dance style they want to perform. The fixed choreography will show up on the screen in time with the music so the player can perform in time. Other players can join in and they must take on a role of one of the dancers in the team. Single and double performances can be made, but the emphasis is on a group of 5 or more dancers coordinating their moves. The extra dancers are made up by AI characters.

Why it will be a compelling game:

The dances will increase in complexity and leave the player feeling like they could have got a better score. The music will reflect current pop songs and the dances that can be seen in their associated video clips.

Other thoughts:

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