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Game Idea A Week: Family Genre Summary

This page shows the games which are specifically intended for the entire family.

Take a Snakes & Ladders board, throw away the dice and add a pack of Uno cards. Use the Uno cards to advance or go backwards on the board, pick up extra cards, steal cards from others and more.

Snakes and Ladders with Uno

Search the airport and the skies for people and things to get bingo before your travel partner or before you arrive at your destination.

Cartoon plane

A game inspired by Adam Saltsman's talk at Freeplay. It's based on how animals play in the real world. Play with the animals or pretend to be an animal in this Wii game for all the family.

A dog and a cat caught playing

Fly in 3D on a stork, make your own smurfs and share with other players. Collect all the smurfs scattered through New York and choose which to use in fun mini-games on the Nintendo 3DS.

Papa Smurf flying on a stork over New York

A virtual version of the classic game for young children, using diverse levels from parks to snow-capped mountains.

Girl counting to 100

A game for toddlers on the XBox or Playstation. Players are either a fairy or a gnome and move around the levels collecting stars or spots.

Gnomes and Fairies

A children's platformer game for PS3 and XBox 360. The player is a Ladybird, who can crawl up walls, and fly across obstacles. The Ladybird needs to get home to find the children, and is assisted along the way by other bug friends that the player can control as well.

Flying ladybird

Play to stop fairytales happening, or play to be the star in the fairytale.

Good Fairy Evil Fairy