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Game Idea A Week: Santa's Delivery

Week Twelve (23/12/2009)

The idea for this week is inspired by Christmas. In this puzzle game you must help Santa deliver presents to the houses where "nice" children live, and avoid the "naughty" houses.

Santa with a sack of presents





Why it needs to be made:

Christmas comes but once a year, but this game can be played all year long.


Each level is a single screen that has some houses on different platforms throughout the screen. The player must navigate Santa from the start point through to an exit shown somewhere on the screen. On the way to the exit, Santa must pass through as many houses marked "nice" as possible, and avoid the "naughty" houses. The player has access to a toolbox which allows them to use ropes and build bridges to cross the screen. The challenge is to find a path and use as few tools as possible. Levels are based on different locations around the world, where the houses match typical housing styles for that location.

Why it will be a compelling game:

Each level will show all of the level, so that the player will need to use their brains to determine the best path to use to get to the exit. By showing the whole level, the player will get a sense that it is possible to complete the level, but finding a solution will become increasingly difficult as the game progresses. The player will continually think that they can find a solution if they just think on it for a little bit more.

Other thoughts:

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