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Game Idea A Week: Cultural Treasures

Week Four (26/10/2009)

The Idea for this week is based on learning about different world cultures through dance, music, traditional games, buildings and food.



Wii, or potentially any.

Why it needs to be made:

As the world becomes more of a global community, local cultures are being forgotten or merged. This game will give an entertaining way to learn about different cultures and allow the player to remember each culture in their own manner.


The player is presented with a map of the world with approximately four countries/cultures that they can learn about within each of the major geographic regions. Each time one of the mini-games is completed the player is given (or can choose) a token to remember that country, e.g. for Egypt the player could choose a pyramid, a sphinx, a mummy, etc...

The mini-games relate to an aspect of each culture/country.

Why it will be a compelling game:

The mini-games themselves will be quite fun, so that the player isn't getting the new knowledge forced down their throat. The player gets to choose their own way to remember the countries so that they feel some level of ownership. The cultures are very diverse, so each country's mini-games will have a very different feel to them (particularly the traditional games) and will therefore mean the game doesn't get very repetitive and boring.

Other thoughts:

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