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2013 Business Card Games

On the back of my business cards are small games that use my extensive brooch collection. For each game there are three brooches. You must choose which is the odd one out. The twist is that more than one brooch could be considered to be the odd one out. Can you guess what your friends will say?

There are four cards to collect with 6 games and one do-it-yourself game. If you've met me and I've given you a card: brilliant! I'm sure it was lovely meeting you. If I haven't met you yet, don't let that stop you from having a go of these little games.

To make your own brooch game, get in touch with me or meet up with me somewhere, like at GDC 2013. If we meet in person, I'll give you a choice of 90 stickers of my brooches and you can stick them onto a card yourself. If we can't meet in person, you can download a zip file of the the jpgs of the business cards and the brooch collection stickers.

Here's a picture of the cards in the real world, with the stickers for the DIY game.

Here are some images of the brooches that you can choose for yourself in the sticker DIY game.

In 2012 I had a different set of games on my business cards. You can have a go at them here.