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2012 Business Card Games

On the back of my business cards are small games that use my extensive brooch collection. You need to go from the “start” to the “finish” by linking brooches that have something in common.

There are six to collect. If you've met me and I've given you a card: brilliant! I'm sure it was lovely meeting you. If I haven't met you yet, don't let that stop you from having a go of these little games.

If you click on any one of the images below you'll be taken to a page dedicated to hints for that game. Cheat as much or as little as you would like! How you play is entirely up to you.

The hints will not work in Internet Explorer, sorry. They should work in Chrome or Firefox or Safari. If you have any problems accessing the hints, feel free to contact me, I'd be happy to email you personalised hints.

I have now released my 2013 business card games, which you can find here.