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Welcome to a piece of my Creative Writing...

This poem is inspired by the hot air balloons I see every morning from my bedroom window.

Golden balloon against a grey city scape

2009: A Year of Hot Air Balloons

Patchwork of balloons dangling in a blue sky;
Scattered across the rooftop horizon;
Each wanders where it pleases.
Which path is best for me?

Balloons cluster on a foggy day;
A brave one rises, valiantly trying;
The mists suffocate it, obscuring its efforts.
One less choice to confuse me.

Balloons racing towards the clouds;
Sparks of light urge them faster;
No time to linger, all know the direction.
Maybe this is my path to follow.

Balloon-less sky seems calm and empty;
Yet overhead a roaring balloon lumbers;
Glaring down and offering no choices.
This is not the path for me.

Solitary gold balloon on a grey morning;
Like a light bulb in the sky;
Shouting its brilliance to any who see.
I watch and I know who I will be.