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Legacy Card Game

This game was inspired by my game idea a week project, in particular, idea 8. The main premise of the game is that YOU are a world leader. How will you be remembered? Build your Legacy with Banks, Monuments and Parades. Build the same type of Legacy for extra points. Watch out, other people can destroy your Legacy!

To play this game yourself, download the card images and the rules with the zip file Legacy zip file. Then, print out the cards, cut them up and put them in plastic card protector pockets. Plastic pockets can be bought from specialised games shops quite cheaply and mean that you can print the backs and fronts separately and cut them up without having to worry about unevenness in your cutting. Read through the rules (below and also in the zip file) and enjoy! If you have any problems or feedback, please feel free to contact me.

If you don't want to print out the game yourself, you can now buy this game through the Game Crafter website. They will print the game and send it to you, see Legacy on Game Crafter.


The Cards

  1. Legacies

These are items that you can build into your tableau. When someone has 5 of these built in front of them the game will finish. The resources cost to build a Legacy is shown at the bottom of the card. For example, a Monument costs 2 bricks and a subject.

Bank Legacy

Monument Legacy

Parade Legacy

  1. Specific Destroy

These items can be bought to destroy specific cards from other people's tableau. To play, pay for the card using the resources shown, announce the player you wish to attack (they must have the linked Legacy card), discard both cards. As a bonus you can now choose to get two resources from the destroyed Legacy card. For example, if you have a Riot card, pay 2 subjects and a brick to destroy the Parade, then choose to get either 2 subjects OR 2 golds OR one of each in return (discard Resource cards from the deck until you find the Resources you want).

Thief Specific Destroy

Billboard Specific Destroy

Riot Specific Destroy

Destroys a single Bank only

Destroys a single Monument only

Destroys a single Parade only

  1. Special (Free) cards

These cards do not cost Resources, but can only be played at the end of your turn.

Swap Special Card

Protect Special Card


Forcefully take the card you want from someone else's tableau and replace it with a card from your tableau that you do not want. Now put the taken card directly into your tableau.

When placed in your tableau the Protect card means your cards cannot be destroyed (however, they can still be swapped). This card can be removed by the free Destroy card.

Use this to destroy ANY 2 Legacies (not necessarily of the same player) that are shown in a tableau OR use this to destroy a single “Protect” card



Continuous play:

To play the game for longer, players should agree to a certain number of rounds prior to starting. At the end of each round each player’s points are added to their total.

Two-player Variation:

When playing with two players, players must have 6 built Legacy cards to finish (i.e. an extra card). When destroying the other player’s buildings with a specific destroy card, the destroyer does not get a Resource card as a bonus in return. If both players desire it, the Protect and the free Destroy cards can be removed from the pack.