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Gameplay Mechanic a Month: Keep/Share Prizes

Month 11 - November 2013

The Will Start page.

Mechanic Description:

The gameplay mechanic this month is about keeping or sharing the prizes you find while point-and-click adventuring.

Each player takes turns solving puzzles to get prizes. To solve puzzles players use standard point-and-click adventure style to examine objects and hints. When they have worked out a number code, they enter it in to the appropriate locker to attempt to unlock it. If they are successful, they can choose to keep the item entirely for themselves, or share with the other player. Players are notified of their turns by sending "in-character" emails to each other.

Since players take a number of turns, they will build up a picture of the type of person the other player is based on whether they are keeping or sharing. If one player always keeps the prizes for themselves, maybe the other player will stop being so generous...

Playable in the following game:

The Will




2 player, turn-based, point-and-click adventure

Game Description:

Your father has died and left some family heirlooms to you and your sister behind locked doors in his study. You must take it in turns to solve his riddles and open the locked doors. When you find something, you can choose to keep it for yourself or share it with your sister. What kind of sister will you be? One who keeps everything for themselves, one who shares only when your sister shares, or one who shares everything?

Choose your playing partner wisely. Your choices will affect how these two sisters get along as they deal with their father's death. As you play you will discover more about the relationship these two sisters had with their sexist father.

This is a turn-based 2 player point-and-click adventure game. After you have taken your turn, you email a friend so they can continue the game. When they are done, you'll receive an email and a save game code so you can keep searching the room.


Searching the Room

Searching the room

You can search for clues on each of the four walls of the room using standard point-and-clicking.

The Locker Wall

Opening lockers

There are 6 lockers to open. You will open 3 of these lockers, your friend (the other player) will open the other 3. On each turn, you can only open 1 locker.


Found a prize

When you have found an item, you need to choose whether to keep the both items for yourself, or to share with your sister.

Sending email

Send email

When your turn is over, you need to email a friend so that they can play as your sister and keep searching the room.

Gameplay Instructions:

If you get stuck while playing the game, you can check out the hints page.


The game can be played through through this website. Click here.


This game was developed with the amazing help and support of:


An analysis of the gameplay mechanic written by me in March 2015.

I’ve loved point-and-click adventures for a long time. The Tree Mysteries game I was trying to build was supposed to be a multi-player point-and-click adventure game. Since the text-only version I’d tried out hadn’t really worked, I thought I’d attempt to tackle the problem from a different perspective. I knew I didn't have much time to implement the game & I knew nothing about networking. So the plan was to create an asynchronous multiplayer game.

What Went Right:        

What Went Wrong:        

Hug Rating:
4 hugs

The idea worked well for this small demo, but convincing another player to play an adventure game with you asynchronously would be really hard on a longer term basis.

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